Sons of Confederate Veterans

Colorado SCV Camps

Jefferson Davis Camp 175, Colorado Springs

Sterling Price Camp 676, Denver

Joseph Oliver Russell Camp 1492, Grand Junction

Commander:  Lawrence Henderson

Adjutant:  Lane Parrott

Abram Fulkerson Camp 2104, Greely

Commander:  Terry M. Wabnitz

Gov. Charles S. Thomas Camp 2126, Grand Junction

Commander:  Gary E. Parrott

Colorado Camp History

Jefferson Davis Camp 175: Organized May 22, 1900
Colorado Springs, CO Chartered May 31, 1900
Commander: Joseph D. Showalter
Adjutant: Daniel P. Ottenheimer
Chaplain: L.M. Duncan
21 Members
Re-Chartered: May 15, 2003
Commander: Marc Hollingsworth
Lt. Commander: John E. Poole
Adjutant: Michael Moore
Chaplain: William A. Boardman

Sterling Price Camp 676: Chartered March 29, 1912
Denver, CO Commander: H.W. Lowrie
5 Members
Re-chartered March 30, 1998

Joseph Oliver Russell Camp 1492: Chartered July 17, 1989

in Ft. Collins Denver, CO Re-chartered in 2009 in Denver
Transferred to Grand Junction on January 22, 2013

Abram Fulkerson Camp 2104: Chartered March 28, 2006
Greeley, CO Commander: Terry M. Wabnitz
Lt. Commander: John T. Shinkle
Adjutant: Terry M. Wabnitz
Historian: Charles Miller
Color Sergeant: Adrian S. Calder

Gov. Charles S. Thomas Camp 2126: Chartered May 8, 2007
Grand Junction, CO Commander: Gary E. Parrot
Lt. Commander: Michael E. Parrot
Adjutant: Garry W. Brewer
Quartermaster: Mark E. Brewer
Judge Advocate: Eugene H. Parrot, Sr.
Surgeon: Spenser W. Brewer
Color Sergeant: Jared B.G. Brewer
Chaplain: Eugene H. Parrot, Jr.

Private George Dudley Lee’s Escort 39th VA Cav Bn.
Chartered March 18, 2013 Grand Junction, CO.
Commander: Gary Barto

Pvt. William T. Bridwell Camp 2020: Chartered: May 1, 2003
The Greenwood Guards Deactivated in 2007
Canon City, CO

Col. George Madison Camp 1205: Chartered: February 4, 2000
Colorado Springs, CO Deactivated in 2005