Sons of Confederate Veterans

Lady Carla Pyle

Dames of the Confederacy

From the ancient heraldry of Britain we have the word, "dame", meaning a woman of rank and dignity.

It is the equivalent of knighthood in the British system of royalty.

The Dames of the Confederacy work to inspire all people to understand and honor our Southern Heritage.

By promoting respect for the people, places and events that led to the formation of the Confederate States of America, Dames of the Confederacy seek to inspire the education of our fellow citizens, fostering awareness and understanding of the War Between the States.

Dames of the Confederacy attempt to acheive this by creating widespread interest in the stories of our Confederate heroes, and by inviting all people to honor the wisdom and valor of those whose sacrifices and achievements enriches our great nation.

In 2016, the Colorado Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans committed to sponsoring the Dames of the Confederacy Award in recognition of the exceptional contributions made by women toward the goals of the Division.

Selection of a Dame of the Confederacy is made by the Colorado Division, Knights of the Confederacy, with advice and recommendations from current Dames of the Confederacy.  The award is made annually, when worthy recipients are identified. 

All Dames of the Confederacy share the high ideals and goals of the Knights of the Confederacy.  They share in all toasts, honors, and ideals with the Knights.

The 2017 Dames of the Confederacy Award was presented to Lady Carla Pyle and Lady Paula Dugger.  Congratulations, Ladies, on your extraordinary efforts!

Miss Chrystal Porter (center), Friends of the Sons of Confederacy and United Daughters of the Confederacy member, was named 2018 Dame of the Confederacy.  She is pictured here with several other members of the United Daughters of Confederacy. 

Lady Paula Dugger