Sons of Confederate Veterans

  Colorado Division Knights of the Confederacy

              Award Procedure
                                                          Revision 2-12-12


1.0  Purpose: To document the requirements for the Colorado Division of the SCV Knights of the Confederacy Award,  the procedure for nominating Compatriots, and award approval.

 2.0  Award Description:

Award of the Knights of the Confederacy will be for Colorado Division Compatriots who have:

a.  Distinguished themselves above and beyond that which would be expected of a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) in defending and protecting the Godliness, Honor, Chivalry and strong Code of Conduct of our Confederate Ancestors.
Defended and protected the legacy and memory of our Confederate Ancestors and our Southern Heritage through acts of exceptional service, sustained commitment, or public demonstration and speaking.

b.  Guarded the Truths and Heritage of the South.

c.  Are recognized and esteemed by fellow Compatriots as a Confederate of the highest caliber.

d.  The award may be given to one Compatriot every year or less often as deemed appropriate by nominations submitted and vote by the current Knights of the Confederacy.  If there are no nominations or the nominations are not deemed worthy, the award will not be given that year.

3.0  Nominations

a.  The Division Lt. Commander will manage the nominations process.  First requests for nominations will be sent out to all Colorado Division Camps the first week in September.  Follow up requests for nominations will be sent out at the Lt. Commander’s discretion. Nominations are due back by the end of the second week in October.  Camps are responsible for ensuring nominations are submitted by the deadline.

b.  The Colorado Division Lt. Commander will send nominations from the Camps via e-mail to all Knights of the Confederacy who are members in good standing of the SCV for their review.

c.  Nominations will be discussed and voted on at the Fall Colorado Division Business Meeting (normally the third week in October) at a special session of Knights only.

d.  Award is to be presented at the Lee-Jackson Banquet in January.  If the award cannot be presented at the Lee-Jackson Banquet, it will be presented at the next appropriate SCV event.

4.0  Form of Award

This award consists of three items:

(1) A replica Southern Cross of Honor Medal: The Southern Cross of Honor recognizes loyal, honorable service to the South and is given in recognition of this devotion; it’s wearing is encouraged on civilian or reenactment clothing, and tells the public of that devotion

(2) An engraved Pewter Cup: The engraved pewter cup is symbolic of fellowship, and is also used to salute others; the Knights’ cups should be brought to those Division events where a toast to those who served the Confederacy is expected, or to salute fellow – and newly recognized – Knights of the Confederacy (it’s symbolism would be diminished if used as a common drinking cup).

(3) A Certificate: The certificate is a constant reminder, in home or office, of the unique status and dedication to the SCV and should be proudly framed and displayed.

Colorado Division Knights of the Confederacy Award Nomination