Sons of Confederate Veterans

Prominent Colorado Confederate Veterans

State Governors
James B. Grant (3rd Governor, 1883-1885) Private, Company B, 20th Alabama Light Artillery Battalion - CSA
Charles S. Thomas (11th Governor, 1899-1901) Private, Georgia State Militia - CSA

US Senator
Charles S. Thomas (1913-1921) Private, Georgia State Militia - CSA

US Congressman
Atterson W. Rucker (At-Large District 1909 -1913) Private, 16th Missouri Infantry Regiment - CSA

Colorado State Senate and House of Representatives

Michael Beshoar (Colorado State Representative from Los Animas 1881-1882) Major, 7th Arkansas Infantry-CSA

Blair Burwell, Sr. (Colorado State Representative from La Plata 1899-1902, Deputy U.S. Mineral Surveyor 1902-1909) Burwell Peak in La Plata is named for him. Private, Confederate States Army

Aldridge A. Corder (Colorado State Senator from Pueblo 1881-1884) Private, Company C, Gordon’s Regiment, Missouri Cavalry - CSA

Allen T. Gunnell (Colorado State Representative from Lake County 1881-1882 and Lake County Judge 1882-1886) Private, 9th Missouri Cavalry - CSA
Bartholomew O’Driscoll (Colorado State Representative from Montrose County 1885-1886) Major, 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment - CSA

Erasmus I. Stirman (Colorado State Representative from Lake City 1885-1886) Colonel, 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment - CSA

Charles E. Broyles (Conejos County Judge) Colonel, 36th Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

Leroy M. Campbell (Bent County Judge) Private, 39th Virginia Infantry Battalion - CSA

John W. Corser (Town of Gold Hill Justice of the Peace 1879-1880) Colonel, Indian Division, District of Indian Territory - CSA

Alfred N. Crowell (Bonanza Town Justice of the Peace) Corporal, 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment - CSA

Melville B. Gerry (Colorado Superior Court Judge1888-1889) 1st Lieutenant, Company K, 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment – CSA (Presided over the 1883 Alfred Packer murder trial.

George Goldthwaite, Jr. (Lake County Criminal Court Judge 1883-1885) 2Lt, Company H, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment - CSA

Jesse H. Lewis (Mineral County Judge 1897-1905) Private, Company E, 16th Missouri Infantry Regiment - CSA

William B. Ragland (Denver District Court Judge) Captain, 24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment-CSA

David C. Smith (Gunnison County Judge) Captain, Company D, 2nd Kentucky Mounted Rifles Battalion - CSA

Amherst W. Stone (Colorado Territorial Justice 1876-1876) Confederate States of America Agent

Public Safety Officials
Homer Barnard (Mesa County Constable) Private, 2nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment – CSA

Jim Clark (Telluride Town Marshall 1887-1895) Lt, Quantrill’s Company (Missouri) - CSA

David C. Crowell (Town of Frisco Constable 1881-1882, Frisco Clerk & Recorder 1882-1883) 1st Lt, Company C, 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment - CSA

John C. Kendel (Weld County Sheriff 1883-1888) Corporal, Company F, 14th & 38th Mississippi Consolidated Cavalry Regiment - CSA

James M. King (Sterling Justice of the Peace 1878-1879, and Town Board member) Private, Company K, 19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - CSA

James M. Lomery (Denver Police Chief 1881 -1885) Captain, 2nd Louisiana Militia Regiment – CSA

Micajah R. Lovell (U.S. Deputy Marshall 1895-1898, First Sheriff of Washington County 1887-1888) Private, Company B, 21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment - CSA

Daniel W. Mays (Denver Police Chief) 1871 – 1873) Captain, 9th Missouri Cavalry – CSA

Benjamin F. Mixon (Bent County Deputy Sheriff 1879-1880, La Junta Court Constable 1880-1881, La Junta City Councilman 1881-1882) Private, Company B, Lt. Colonel Steele’s Texas Cavalry Command - CSA

William D. Schoolfield (Custer County Sheriff 1878-1884) Private, Company B, 4th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Jacob G. Ward (Baca County Sheriff 1893-1898) Lieutenant, 19th Virginia Cavalry Regiment – CSA

Frederick A. Woodson (Denver Justice of the Peace 1893-1894) Private, Byrd’s Company, Alabama Home Guard - CSA

City/County Officials
Allen F. Alexander (Fremont County Commissioner 1877-1852) Private, Company I, 43rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment – CSA

Arthur W. Brinker (Denver Fire Department Company Trustee) private, Company C, 14th Missouri Cavalry Battalion – CSA

Benjamin Brinker (Arapahoe County Deputy Assessor 1888-1889) Major, 3rd Virginia Artillery Regiment - CSA

Isaac Bricker (Arapahoe County Assessor and Denver City Councilman) Lt Colonel, 9th Missouri Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Harry W. Canney (City of Leadville Manager, City Board of Trade 1885) Private, Company A 1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment - CSA

Charles D. Cobb (Denver City Supervisor) Captain, Missouri State Guard-CSA

William H. Delbridge (Weld County Deputy Clerk 1912-1918) Corporal, Company G, 11th Mississippi

James M. Ellis (Denver Police Magistrate 1897-1899, Denver City Attorney 1899-1901) Corporal, Company D, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Regiment-CSA

George F. Elrod (Aspen Board of Trustees 1881-1883) Private, General Shelby’s Division, Missouri Cavalry - CSA

John B. Elrod (Garfield County School Board) Private, Shelby’s Div-MO Cavalry-CSA

John T. Ferguson (U.S. District Court Bailiff, Denver 1888-1889) Private, Company D, 5th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment - CSA

George J. Hanley (Custer County Commissioner 1879-1881) Private, Company H, 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment - CSA

John D. Henry (Pueblo City Clerk & Recorder) Private, Company K, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry regiment - CSA

Benjamin Honnet (Arapahoe County Criminal Court Deputy Clerk 1885-1886) Private, Company E, 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment - CSA

James H. Jordan (U.S. Postmaster, City of Denver 1893-1897) Private, Company I, 27th Louisiana Infantry Regiment - CSA

John C. Moore (First Mayor of Denver, 1859-1861) Lt. Colonel, General Marmaduke’s Staff-CSA

Augustus A. Ochus (Jefferson County Grand Jury 1879-1880) Captain, Company D, 11th Florida Infantry Regiment - CSA

Joel Alexander Pace (Corona Town Mayor) Captain, Company I, 3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment-CSA

John W. Poole (Secretary Denver Fire & Police Commission 1893-1894, Arapahoe County Election Judge 1896-1897, Arapahoe County Deputy Assessor 1898) 1St Lt, Company L, 17th North Carolina Infantry Regiment - CSA

Burnell Russell Ragland (Arapahoe County Election Judge) Lieutenant, 26th Arkansas Infantry Regiment-CSA

Lewis Clark Railey (South Pueblo Board of Trustees) Captain, Army of Trans-Mississippi - CSA (QM Dept)

Martin H. Steele Railey (Denver City Board of Trustees) Private, Company F, Colonel Madison’s Texan Cavalry Regiment

Jesse Eugene Ray (Jefferson County Commissioner) Private, Company A, 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment-CSA

Samuel C. Reid (Routt County Treasurer 1898-1900, Routt County Commissioner 1912-1914, Yampa Postmaster) Private, Company M, 4th Alabama Cavalry Regiment - CSA

William W. Rives (Marysville City Mayor) Private, Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Samuel P. Rose (East Denver School District 1 Board of Trustees 1891-1893) 1st Lt, Company I, 9th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA

Dooley H. Rutledge (Lake County Deputy Assessor 1844-1846) 1st Lt, Company B, 6th Missouri Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Thomas D. Spindle (Arapahoe County Election Judge 1889, Arapahoe Grand Jury 1890-1891) Assistant Quartermaster, Captain, 48th Tennessee Infantry

William M. Strickler (Mayor Colorado Springs 1888-1894 & El Paso County Superintendent of Schools) Assistant Surgeon, 52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment, 5th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

George R. Tanner (Canon City Pioneer Businessman and Mayor) 14th Virginia cavalry Regiment - CSA

Stephen J. Tanner (Fremont County Commissioner 1872-1875) Lt, Company A, 9th Texas Infantry Regiment - CSA

John F. Tyler (Member of first Board of Trustees, Town of Maysville) Sailor, Confederate States Navy

Marvin E. Waldraven (Lake County Court Constable 1884-1884, Lake County Assessor 1884-1887, Cheyenne Wyoming Fire Chief 1878-1881) Commissary of Subsistence, Army of Tennessee Volunteer & Conscript Bureau - CSA

Jesse M. Walker (Mesa County Assessor 1893-1906) Corporal, Company D, 24th Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

William R. Walker (Routt County Commissioner 1882-1884) Private, Company G, 65th Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

Simeon S. Wallace (Trinidad City Attorney) Captain, Company A, 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

Ashbel S. Welch (El Paso County Deputy Clerk 1870-1879) 1st LT, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment - CSA

William Riddick Whitehead, MD (Denver City Councilman) Surgeon, 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment-CSA

Jesse M. Walker (Mesa County Assessor) Corporal, Company D, 24th Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

Samuel Watson (Hindsdale County Commissioner) Private, Company G, 2nd Virginia Infantry-CSA

Boswell P. Anderson, MD (El Paso County Public Schools Superintendent 1876-1877) Private, Company D, 43rd Virginia Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Joseph L. Anderson, MD (Jefferson County Coroner 1878-1882) Surgeon, 1st Missouri Brigade - CSA

John Anglum (Charter Member and President of Denver Pharmaceutical Association) Private, General Sterling Price’s Army - CSA

Henry Apple (City of Denver Board of Trade Committee Member 1897-1898) Private, Company K, 13th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Charles F. Baker (59er Pioneer Prospector and noted explorer of southwestern Colorado) Lt. Colonel, 3rd Cherokee Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Isaac O. Bower (Colorado Bar Association Member) Private, 1029th Company, Georgia State Militia - CSA

James N. Bradley (59er Pioneer, Moved to Missouri and elected to State Legislature) Major, General Sterling Price’s Army – CSA

Joseph G. Brown (Assistant Commissioner Colorado State Bureau of Immigration 1889-1892, Special Agent U.S. census Bureau 1880-1881) Private, Company G, 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment - CSA

Allison C. Cheeley (Board of Directors Colorado Soldiers’ Southern Aid Society) Sergeant, Company B, 27th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

Harmon R. Clanton (Superintendent Mikado Mining & Smelting Co. 1890-1891, U.S. District Court Bailiff: Salt Lake City 1917-1922) Private, 1st Regiment, Arizona Brigade, Mounted Partisan Rangers.

James T. Coleman (Editor, Denver Mountaineer Newspaper 1860-1862, Charter Member Colorado Bar Association) Captain, General Sterling Price’s Army – CSA. KIA at Battle of Wilson’s Creek (MO)

John W. Collins, MD (President, Colorado State Medical Association 188801889, Chief Surgeon Colorado State Prison 1899-1900) Surgeon (Major), 3rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Jesse J. Crosswy (Board of Trustees, Town of Del Norte 1889-1890) 1st Sergeant, Company B, 18th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA

William L. Davis (Pioneer Colorado Mining entrepreneur and businessman 1870-1900’s) Private, Cobb’s Legion, Georgia Cavalry - CSA, Infantry Regiment - CSA

John M. Doherty (Charter Member, Board of Directors of the National Co-Operative Cattle & Land Company, first Commander of UCV Albert S. Johnson Camp, Denver) Captain, Company E, 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment - CSA

George G. Duggins, MD (Chief of Medical Staff, Missouri Pacific Railway, Pueblo Division, Member Colorado State Medical Society 1882-1907) Surgeon (Major), Colonel John W. Wells Texas Cavalry - CSA

William L. Dottery, MD (Member of Colorado State Medical Association and UCV Albert S. Johnson Camp, Denver) Lt, Company C, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery - CSA

William W. Grant (Colorado Surgeon General 1899-1901, President Colorado State Medical Society 1901-1904) Private Cpt. Clanton’s Battery, Alabama Light Artillery - CSA

Nathan Gregg, Sr. (President Gregg Mining Investment Company 1899-1911) Colonel, 60th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA

Eugene Grissom, MD (1st Vice President American Medical Association of Colorado 1892) Captain, Company D, 30th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Chief Evaluating Physician in the 1883 Alfred Packer murder trial

Edwin Preston Harman (Registrar, Denver Branch US Land Office) Lieutenant, Company I, 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - CSA

Joel Addison Hayes (Charter member and first president of the Colorado Bankers Association (1902-1903); husband of Margaret Howell Davis, CSA President Jefferson Davis’ daughter) Sailor, CSA Navy

Charles C. Hemming (President of the Colorado Bankers Association 1906-1907) 1st SGT, Company A, 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment - CSA

Thomas G. Horn, MD (Colorado State Medical Society President 1877-1878, Denver University Trustee) Surgeon (Major), General Joseph O. Shelby’s Brigade - CSA

George A. Jackson (Colorado Pioneer and Miner, Credited with starting 59er Gold Rush, General Manager of Hayden Mining & Milling Company) Private, Company F, 1st Regiment Arizona Brigade - CSA

Henderson M. Jacoway (Colorado State Bar Association 1890-1909, Superintendent Chicago & Sulphuret Mining Company 1890-1891) Sergeant, Company A, 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - CSA

Isaac Drake McDowell, MD (1831-1882 Charter member and elected the first Secretary of the Jefferson Territory Medical Society (Denver’s first medical association formed in 1860) Lt. Colonel, 8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment-CSA

William P. McLure (First US Postmaster-Denver1859-1860) Captain, Missouri State Guard-CSA; Killed in action during the War by Osage Indians near the Verdigris River

Owen McGarr (US Consul General to Ecuador 1895-98, US Council to Cuba 1895-98, US District Court Attorney 1878-1881) Private, CPT Green’s Company, Louisiana Guard, Artillery Battalion

Julius E. Meiere, MD (Minister to Amoy, China 1885-1886, US Consul to Nagasaki, acting US Consul to Vera Cruz, Leadville City Physician) Captain, CSA Marine Corps

James R. Milburn (Deputy US Mineral Surveyor 1880-1882) Sailor, CSA Navy

John B. “Texas Jack” Omohundro (Renowned Wild West Show performer, Toured with Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickock 1872-1876) Private, Company G, 5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Purham B. Purcell, MD (Member Colorado State Medical Association) Surgeon, General M.M. Parson’s Missouri Brigade - CSA

Joseph O. Russell (Colorado Pioneer and Miner, co-founder of Auraria, Colorado 1858) Lt, CPT Russell’s Company, Georgia Cavalry - CSA

William G. Russell (Colorado Pioneer and Miner, co-founder of Auraria, Colorado 1858) Captain, CPT Russell’s Company, Georgia Cavalry - CSA

Henry T. Sale (Colorado Assistant Attorney General 1893-1894, Leadville City Attorney 1883-1884, Garfield County Attorney 1885-1887) 1st Lt, 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment-CSA

Sidney A. Sheppard (Adjutant General, Colorado State Militia 1883-1885) Lieutenant 3rd Division MO State Guard - CSA

Charles E. Seitz (Town of St. Elmo US Postmaster 1880-1881, St. Elmo Board of Trustees 1881-1882) Private, Company C, 19th Virginia Cavalry Regiment - CSA

Charles S. Semper (59er Pioneer and Newspaperman, Town of Semper, its Post Office and Elementary School are named for him) Sergeant major, 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery - CSA

Samuel Y. Smith (Pioneer Businessman, Owner of S.Y. Smith & Company in Black Hawk 1880-1883, Mayor of Huntsville, TX 1873-1874, Texas State Legislator 1874-1878) 1st Lt, Company E, 24th & 25th Consolidated Texas Cavalry - CSA

Reverend Thomas L. Smith (Chaplain St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver 1894-1900) Chaplain, Army of Northern Virginia - CSA, NOTE: A personal friend of Generals Robert E. Lee, Jubal Early and “Stonewall” Jackson

James N. Smithee (US General Land Office Special Agent 1885-1889) 1st Lt, Marshall’s Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery - CSA

George G. White (Colorado State District Attorney 1874-1876, Lake County Attorney 1880-1883) Private, Company I, McCord’s Frontier Texas Cavalry - CSA

Sir-Henry Morgan Stanley (1841-1904) Moved to Colorado after the War and lived with his sister (Elizabeth Rowland Rees) for several years before he began his quest for Dr. Livingston in Africa. Private, Company E, 6th Arkansas Infantry Regiment-CSA

Alfred Packer

Charles Spalding Thomas

James Benton Grant

Jim Clark